Mabrook For Egypt

We are the champions of Africa.

isA we will go to South Africa 2010




Mabrook for reaching the final.

3o2bal ma rabena yekremna we el2as3ar tenzel !!

El-Ahly 2 vs. 0 ElHelal (Sudan)

Before Beginning: “Jose” please enough your stupid formations & irrelevant substitutions.

First i must say that El-Ahly didn’t deserve to win at all, even to draw, but at the end the Ethiopian referee was just generous to give El-Ahly the win. The first goal was clearly a foul. The second goal would not have came if the first goal hadn’t been scored! (mind my English!)


Jose: Enough.

Emad Meteb: Shit on you.

Osama Hosny: Thanks.

Flavio: Very nice goal but… foul.

Wael Gomaa: Toz, begin the Rugby team in Egypt please.

Hadary: Stay focused.

Hossam Elbadry: Enty betshta3’aly 2eh? Ro7 nam.

Referees: The only match you can ref. is a 3rd degree match in kualalampur.