Happy New Year – 2008

Happy New Year, I Hope that would be better than those elapsed.

I Hope Israel Get out of Palestine.

I Hope USA Get out of IRAQ.

I Hope USA Get out of Afghanistan.

I Hope Russia Get out of Chechnia.

I Hope Poverty become less in the World.

I Hope Egypt Become an even better Country.

I Hope that I have what I dream of.

I Hope I will Finish Masters.

I Hope that more people be TRUE Muslims.

I Hope I be a TRUE Muslim.

I Hope this Blog reach the 20000 Hits Mark.

I Hope that everyone would have what he dream of.

I Hope that everyone succeeds in what he is Doing.

I Hope my team would become Bigger.

I Hope my Football team reach the semi-final in the Ramadan Tournament.

I Hope ….. Everyone say what he hopes in the comments!


4 Responses to “Happy New Year – 2008”

  1. mai sabrty Says:

    beside the first 7 hopes u hoped ..I hope I finish collage :(…And prepare my masters and travel to germanyyyyyyyyyyy…..And be the most famous successful cartoon movie maker

  2. Mohammed Safwat Says:

    Nably, I see you know someone who’s a cartoon movie maker. I may need her in our game project.
    Anyway I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but don’t hope too much for the new year. It’s just another year.

  3. Ahmed Moharram Says:

    No country will be out of any country, i believe.

  4. ahmedelnably Says:

    It is Just Hopes Moharram, Just Hopes.

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