My Story with ADSL In Egypt – Part 3

After a long thought I decided to subscribe in the ADSL service in Egypt and here is my story!

Read First Part Here and Second Part Here.

Week 3:

We stopped at calling TE-data again!, well to keep the story short and you don’t be bored! They said that Telecom Egypt replied again that my line can’t have an ADSL service on it!!

And here comes my third vacation!
I went to the centeral and went Directly to the manager office. There was a Lady that asked me about what is my problem!? well … i told her, to cut things short; she called an Engineer and for a nice surprise he told her that my line really can’t have an ADSL services on it :S, so what the hell that other Telecom Egypt Employee told me?

Anyway she told him to remove the cause of the problem which was a ” Your Line has a filter on it, and it will be removed within 24 hours” 😥 what so we are searching for 3 weeks on a problem to be solved in 1 Day ( 🙂 Smile you are in Egypt!). Any way she gave me her phone number to call her to have a confirmation that my line is now Ok!

I called her and got the confirmation and called TE-Data to tell them, they told me that they will send a new request to Telecom Egypt.


Week 4:

I called TE-data again, they got the working order from Telecom Egypt (i.e. my line is now OK and can have an ADSL service on it!), and within a week the service will be up and running.

Right Now:

Waiting for a SMS to tell me that the service is alive…… Pray with me.

Next Part will be available when the service is running and then i will write a complete guide on how to order an ADSL Service in Egypt.


2 Responses to “My Story with ADSL In Egypt – Part 3”

  1. Korayem Says:

    Nably, at my mum’s house they faced the same delay….they waited for 1 whole month before it worked…there was a major problem with el centralat….

    bas the good news is that it just WORKED and I am actually writing you this from the new line.

    Goood luck ya basha

  2. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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