My Story with ADSL In Egypt – Part 2

After a long thought I decided to subscribe in the ADSL service in Egypt and here is my story!

Read First Part Here.

Week 2:

What he said? I think that what you want to know!
he said that my telephone line can’t have ADSL service because it “Shabaka Ardeya!!” Aka. Land Network and I must go to the Egypt Telecom to change the telephone line type to copper! what would I say except OK !!

And here comes the 2nd vacation day and I went the “Centeral” to the Network responsible guy and asked to change my line to copper, believe it or not my line is a copper line :O
I was shocked and went back home! and called my beloved TE-data and told them exactly what Telecom Egypt guy told me, the customer support person told me that I was wrong and asked the question in a wrong way so I went back to the centeral and asked them again do my line has the capability to add the ADSL service to it; and they said “Yes”

Back to home and calling TE-data, this time the person who talked to me is apparently an Engineer – he understands what is modulation and other telecommunication techniques – and we began to talk I told him all what happened before and he told me that he will write that the problem is solved and they will send the request again to Telecom Egypt and I must wait again 😥

at the end of the weekend I called TE-data again to know what is the status of my subscription, they told me that Telecom Egypt replies on TE-data’s requests from Tuesday to Thursday! no problem!

So I decided to call TE-data again at the beginning of the week to know the Status.

What TE-data said and what happened after that, Wait for Part 3 of the Story!


One Response to “My Story with ADSL In Egypt – Part 2”

  1. Sherif Kotb Says:

    lessa part 3???
    ok, waiting for part 3 😀

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