Links 26-November-2007

World’s fastest Clapper.
This is how you keep your Computer Cool!
Airplane Oops Situations.
World’s most Boring Game.
Super Taxis.

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  1. TE-DATA FAN Says:

    Just notice make sure to record the calls to the tech support and sales to be an evidence, after installing my line they call me telling me that is done after only 3-4 days testing no luck and reorganize all my home phone network to make it able, no luck untill they finally decided to check from their side they send some one to the phone cenral to check the line i’ll call him guy1 and there is the technical support person person i’ll call him guy2
    here is what happen throw 3 weeks
    guy1: call my mother they found the problem and fixed
    after back no luck
    i call tech support
    guy2: the guy1 found no problem at all and he doesnot need to fix

    begin my router check and go to TE-data to check my router which works properly
    next week

    guy1(The cenral Guy) and guy 2 switch turns
    guy1: no problem at your line
    guy2: the line has problem and we fix it 😦

    my testing no luck

    after the third week at last i got my ADSL

    after a week no net i call guy2 you supescription for this month done, telling them i just got it from only one week guy2 with smile we will resolve this issue next month we will add the wasted 3 weeks
    next month after exactly one month no ADSL
    guy2 the same situation
    i decided to pay 3 month at once
    after exatly 3 month no ADSL
    guy2 same conversation + they will be only 2 weeks
    no way OK just add them
    as far as i remeber i got them but not sure as i forget what happen next but i spent a year with them

    TE-DATA line overall stable, and i used to get full speed but the support and sales always consider users is untrusted and always guilty entities I don’t know why

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