My Story with ADSL In Egypt – Part 1

After a long thought I decided to subscribe in the ADSL service in Egypt and here is my story!

Week 1:

First step I decided to take is to choose a good ISP company and i know that the biggest two companies in Egypt are TE-data and Link dot net
Well I chose TE-data although it is slightly cost more that Link dot net (for the 1Mbps Speed) don’t ask me why!! I just chose them.

I went to their web site and filled the online form (So Far So Good)

After 1 day someone from TE-data called me at home!! (although i provided my mobile phone number!!) off course i was not there!!
she told my mother that she will send me an email (Still Good) she made me fill an application and an agreement and made me fax it to her!!! why on earth would i do that?
Note: the same data i filled in the online form i filled it again in the paper work. (Still No Problem!)

After faxing the papers I called Her and asked what to do next!? she told me that I must go to pay the first month in advance although the same lady told me that the first payment they will come and collect it for free! that is another cool thing about Egypt they charge you money to collect from you money!!!

I gave my mother the money and told her to go and pay for me and Bang! there is no data about my application on the computer system. so why on Hell do they made me fill all these papers, anyway I talked to the man who refused to collect the money he told me that i must refill the application (What that woman made with my paper), so here comes my first vacation from work!! i went to him with all the needed papers and took the money and told me 10-15 days the service will be available (Good news So Far :S)

I went and purchased a nice wireless Linksys ADSL modem and installed it and the waiting began!

then on next Sunday TE-data called me for the first time, I was happy and i told myself that the service has been installed at last (even only 5 days elapsed!!)

But that was a mere dream 😥 what he said just wait for Part 2 of the story!

6 Responses to “My Story with ADSL In Egypt – Part 1”

  1. Sherif Kotb Says:

    Waiting for part 2 😉 😀

  2. korayem Says:


    Heyya dih masr ya 3abla!!

  3. Mohamed Raouf Says:

    Please do not forgret to notify me when part 2 is available 🙂

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