When to take a Vacation?

After having a terrible vacation, here are my advices.

  1. Make Sure that you ask your family about their plans, and if any of these plans involve you, just say no!
  2. Close your mobile phone.
  3. Never open a computer! – except to write on your blog –
  4. If you opened a computer here are some new rules!
    • Never open any instant messenger programs.
    • Never Check your email.
  5. Make sure that you have no contact “what so ever!” with work.
  6. Plan to travel with anyone (not your family) to any place.
  7. If you didn’t find anyone to travel with, Never stay at home.

This are my advice…

Learn from my agony!


Any more advices are welcomed through comments.


3 Responses to “When to take a Vacation?”

  1. Mohammed Safwat Says:

    I know your feeling, Nably. Each time I get a vacation, it’s this terrible one you’ve described. Actually, I don’t avoid these practices now, I rather adhere to them. Enjoy your terrible vacation.

  2. Haytham Shoukry Says:

    Vacations !!!

    What a lovely word I haven’t heard for a verry long while …

    Being on a one is a real gift from ALLAH, given to those who really deserve it … those who can make good use of it …

    Nably try your hard to enjoy whatever remains out of your vacation, time never rewinds, Managers never permit vacations easily…

  3. yousra Says:

    They used to say that you don’t appreciate health until you lose it. You will also not appreciate vacation with your family until you can no longer do it.

    hya el agaza teb2a agaza bardo mn3’er 3eltak??

    As for the other points I totally agree:)


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