Chinese Cars

Beginning 4 years ago, Chinese car manufacturers began selling cheap cars, cherry, Jelly, Speranza, BYD, brilliance and others.

They were nice looking low priced and even full of options! quite a very good bargain but wait! they were poorly built weak motors and lots of reliability problems (personal opinion), but even all that people bought it just for the price and hunt for more unnecessary options! anyway after seeing some youtube videos about the crash tests of 2 Chinese cars, I wondered why would I put my money in a unreliable poorly built weak motor totally unsafe car just for some options and totally unsafe car!? someone answer me..

Here are some pictures of Chinese cars and the prices of some of them in the Egyptian market.

100_0645 100_0646

Brilliance Splendor (120000 LE ~= 16000 Euros)

100_0658 100_0660

Speranza V525 (99000 LE ~= 13000 Euros)

P1020778 P1020774

Brilliance Galena (150000 LE ~= 20000 Euros)


Cherry A15

P1020662 P1020663

Maple C52

And here are the crash videos of the Brilliance Galena and one of the 4×4 cars.

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