My Stress Ball!

A yellow mid-sized foamy spherical squeezable ball. My friend Mostafa Gawdat brought it to me. A wonderful thing to take the stress out of you! it has a smiley face on it, maybe to help you to cheer up! or the ball itself laughs at you?!.

At the beginning i didn’t know that it has a name!; till a friend told me it is called a “Stress Ball” well thank you man. I used to call it koora (ball in Arabic) now i must call it “stress ball”. Not bothering you with my not so important ball… sorry “stress ball” here is a picture of it/him/her (it depends upon the reader if the reader was a ball or a man/woman!!!)


I will invent a nickname for it YSSSRB “yellow spherical squeezable stress remover ball”, if you have any other nice nickname just comment on the post!!

thanks YSSSRB !

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