Mohamed Korayem … thanks man

When i decided to begin my own web blog i didn’t know from where can i begin so i searched within my friends to see who’s the best to help me, i didn’t find anyone except Mohamed Korayem; already running his own blog He told me which is the best website to host my blog (off course and what is the easiest software that i can use to write my posts (i use Windows Live Writer).

Thanks again man

Here is a link to Korayem’s blog

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One Response to “Mohamed Korayem … thanks man”

  1. Korayem Says:

    AA Nably,

    Ya basha I did nothing khales to deserve this thank you post 🙂

    Aham 7aga, keep those quality and fun posts coming….and add me to your Blogroll ba2a 🙂

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