The Story !!

First Alsalam 3alikom (Hi In Arabic).

From about just less than 1 year, I began saving all the interesting links that i read on other websites and blogs. and used to send it to my work colleagues. at the time this post is being written i reached 995 links. and i told every one that i will stop sending links once i reach the 1000 mark (it is coming really fast). and because all my friends are sad because of that, I decided that i will send the links to my post instead of sending them to each one individually!!

BTW the link to my web blog will be the 1000th link 😀

Thanks for reading my blog and salam (goodbye in arabic).


3 Responses to “The Story !!”

  1. sdsjdds Says:

    feeeen el linkaaaaaaaaaaaaaat elly 2abl keda el 10000 link elly fato?????

  2. sdsjdds Says:

    ya reeet te7otohom 3la el balog dah ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  3. Sara Samir Says:

    Your Blog is very interesting, and though your links 🙂
    I will add your blog to my favorite.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Good Luck

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