My last Sent links.

These are the last links that I sent to my colleagues. As you can see the 1000th link is the link to my web blog. Also this is my first links post on my blog, please enjoy the links 🙂

so funny!!
Don’t speed
990 links 10 to go!!
1000 links sending links has been officially stopped!!! 😥


Hopefully after a while I will send a file that contains all the 1000 links!!

Thanks for all my friends.

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One Response to “My last Sent links.”

  1. Ahmed Abdel-Gayed Says:

    Walahy ya nably ana kan nefsy a3melak page bardo feha el links ely ana fata7tha mn el 1000 dol bs el moshkela en el ratio mesh hate3gebak 5ales.
    3ala el3mom ya nably el 7amdolelah, asdy ya 5osaraaaaaa……. :))

    tab3an mestanyeeen ta2le3a gededa bs walahy 3asal ya nably…:)

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